• Ron Advani

    Ron Advani

    Wannabe writer and voracious reader. Love traveling and observing local cultures and traditions. Lived in India, Egypt, Singapore and retired in the Bay Area.

  • Jessica Bordelon Mashael

    Jessica Bordelon Mashael

    I am all the stuff of Millenials — Multitasker, Hustler, Unapologetic, Humanitarian. I write about Growth: wealth, relationships, spirituality and more. :-)

  • Daryl Bruce

    Daryl Bruce

    A freelance writer specializing in such topics as writing, productivity, self, politics, and LGBTQ+ issues. Visit him at: https://www.facebook.com/daryldbink/

  • Wokeistan


    The wokest thing to do is to understand those who are not you.

  • D Beasley

    D Beasley

    Artist & Writer thewolfiebain@gmail.com https://medium.com/@dwbeasley/membership

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